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  1. Wow, where to start.
  3. 168k miles on my 2004 330Ci coupe. It's a beautiful specimen really - 6spd manual, rare-ish color (Steel Blue Metallic, I've seen maybe one tops on the road ever), no moonroof (apparently a good thing), cold weather package, sport package. Body and interior wise, it's in great condition - looking at it you'd never know it had almost 170k miles on it. I'm the second owner, I bought it around 2006 or so.
  5. Today almost concludes the MEGA ("**M**ake my **E**46 **G**reat **A**gain") project. It's been at least a month or two long process, and today's work solves yet another huge years-long annoyance.
  7. First of all, all credit goes to the mechanic who worked on this. Great friend, top guy. Really goes the extra mile on my cars - he's worked on literally every car I've ever owned. I mostly just stand there and dispense money. So in a way, I guess my wallet helped too. ;)
  9. Very recently as part of this project, we did:
  11.  * Valve cover gasket
  12.  * Oil filter housing gasket (this and the VCG were leaking for literally years, the spots under my car whenever I parked was borderline vandalism).
  13.  * Heater control valve (this caused me to *hate* the car for the last 6+ years of ownership because the climate control never worked right, and back when it originally failed, there wasn't as much information on it - it's also a really long story). A/C works beautiful now, just in time for winter!
  14.  * Vanos seals.
  15.  * Engine oil level sensor.
  16.  * Cabin air and engine air filters, spark plugs, fuel filter.
  17.  * Found a free plastic "wallet key" buried in the dash from when the previous owner had a remote start installed. I bought the car going on a dozen years or so - she might have told me it was in there, I have no idea.
  18.  * New belts.
  19.  * Geniune OEM oil filter and Castrol Euro formula oil (probably the first time the car has had the proper oil in it since its warranty was up).
  20.  * General module repair ([bmwgm5.com](http://www.bmwgm5.com)) to fix passenger window, driver's side door lock, and who knows what else. Huge credit to Scott here - saved me a ton of money compared to buying a new GM5 and needing to have it coded.
  21.  * Door lock cylinder rebuild.
  22.  * The GM5 also seems to have fixed my key, which years ago I replaced the battery in and assumed I broke it in the process. I was really careful with it, and swore I didn't break anything, but I couldn't get the key to pair. Works now!
  23.  * Probably some other stuff that I'm missing.
  25. Today, we did:
  27.  * Car wash and interior clean for the first time in probably 5 years.
  28.  * Vanos pistons
  29.  * Vanos oil line
  30.  * Another Vanos re-build (long story, I have a thread on that). It didn't need seals again, but it did need to be pulled apart and examined/cleaned again.
  31.  * Genuine OEM Vanos gasket. Yes, no expense was spared on the Vanos system. It's basically brand new and completely rebuilt at this point.
  32.  * Brand new driver side door lock actuator to finish fixing driver door lock (I think both the relay and actuator were bad).
  33.  * Headlight washer pump.
  34.  * Windshield cowl.
  35.  * Full wiper blade replacements (new-style; a first for me).
  36.  * Put a new updated registration sticker on the windshield - first time the car has had a current sticker in 4 years. This was among the costliest of parts - NY wants about $200 every two years.
  38. There's a bunch of other stuff still waiting to be done (font control arm bushings is the most pressing one - pun intended; I got the PowerFlex ones and I can't wait to see how they feel). I also plan on doing a full cooling and suspension refresh. The expansion tank was replaced about 40k or so, so it's probably not an emergency, but I want to do the whole cooling system as preventative maintenance. It's got some other annoyances (headliner needs some fixing, left tail light leaked at some point and needs replacing because a bunch of the LEDs are out, crap like that).
  40. Very soon - upgrades! I've already ordered a full LED interior lighting refresh kit. I want to do one of those nice Android head units and a climate control re-locate. And I want to do some other tasteful, OEM looking/working stuff.
  42. For the first time in years, I can again finally say I'm in love with my car! If you've read this far, thank you!

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